interested in a Low Stress / positive veterinary practice training center by Dr Sally J Foote? 

I am considering using my Low Stress Handling Certified veterinary practice as a training site for learning to use less stressful handling techniques, medications and staff protocols for DVM, Technicians, assistants, animal care takers, shelter care workers and receptionist/ practice managers . Your comments and answers will help me determine how feasible this would be to create.  The idea is to learn in a real practice setting coached by certified Low Stress Handlers, and volunteer animals.  Contact me if you are interested to know more

* 1. My position in the practice/ shelter/ facility

* 2. I am interested in a   3 day immersive learning experience in Low Stress / Positive veterinary exams including handling in a veterinary practice.

* 3. What days of the week are you able to attend a 3 day immersive?

* 4. Tuscola Il, 25 miles south of Champaign Il, on Interstate 57 is the location.  Would you be able to travel to this location? Airport in Champaign Il,  Amtrak comes to Champaign.   Car rental there - I would consider picking people up there if needed.  170 miles south of Chicago - 120 miles west of Indianapolis - 120 miles north west of St Louis.

* 5. What price range can you or your employer pay for registration for a 3 day immersive - 12 - 15  hour  Ce included - hand outs, power points and protocol templates.  Certificate available upon completion. The class size will determine how much individualized attention per student, discussion of your practice needs and cases, and special situation presentations.

* 6. Is there a time of year that would not be good to attend this?

* 7. your level of knowledge of Fear Free/ Low Stress Handling/ Cat Friendly Practice/ Karen Pryor Vet prep program

* 8. Have you attended the Behavior institute at NAVC

* 9. If you were to come to an immersive type training center at a veterinary practice, what would be the most important thing you would want to learn or get out of that experience?

* 10. Would you attend an immersive weekend in 2018?   A first immersive could be available by January.