Thank you to everyone who participated in the 15th anniversary of Family Literacy Day - it was one of the best yet! ABC Life Literacy Canada appreciates your feedback. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete this short survey.

Surveys submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday February 22, 2013 may be selected to receive a special Family Literacy Day prize pack. Don't forget to fill out your contact information at the end of the survey to be included in this draw.

* 1. Please indicate the category that best fits you:

* 2. Did you host a Family Literacy Day event or activity?

* 3. Did you register your event on the Family Literacy Day website?

* 4. How long have you organized a Family Literacy Day event?

* 5. If you hosted a Family Literacy Day event or activity, please estimate how many people participated in the event:

* 6. Were adult learners were present at your Family Literacy Day event? If so, please tell us how many:

* 7. Are there other materials or information we can provide to help you promote your future Family Literacy Day event or activity?

* 8. How did you promote and/or raise awareness about Family Literacy Day? (Check all that apply)

* 9. This year's Family Literacy Day theme was "15 minutes of fun!" Did you try any of the suggested 15 minute literacy activities?

* 10. Thanks to our partners, ABC Life Literacy Canada secured a number of advertising opportunities for this campaign. Did you see or hear any of the following? Check all that apply:

* 11. If you saw our advertising campaign this year, please rate the following elements:

  1- Needs improvement 2 - Okay 3 - Good 4 - Fantastic
Concept and theme (15 minutes of fun)
Quality of product

* 12. Did you download Family Literacy Day resources from

* 13. For each item downloaded, on average, how many copies did you make for distribution?

* 14. How do you use the Family Literacy Day resources?

* 15. We want to know which Family Literacy Day materials are the most important to you. Please rank the following materials from most important to least important:

  1 - Did not use 2 - Needs improvement 3 - Good 4 - Fantastic
Kids activity sheet
Adult activity sheet
Family Literacy Day activity book
Family literacy tips and downloads
Games and activities in the HSBC Learning Activity Centre

* 16. What other free resources would you like to see available on the website?

* 17. Would you see value in ABC Life Literacy Canada developing an online literacy game?

* 18. Do you plan on participating in Family Literacy Day next year?

* 19. Please provide any additional comments or feedback about how we can continue to improve Family Literacy Day:

* 20. This survey may be completed anonymously. If you prefer this option, please click submit without filling in the section below. To be eligible for the Family Literacy Day prize pack, please fill in your contact information below. Only surveys submitted byfore 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday February 22, 2013 will be eligible for the random draw.