COMPASS Partners Update Fall Semester 2016 - Sumner County Schools

Every year COMPASS updates our list of businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals who are Partnering with our Sumner county schools to promote student success.  If you are a current partner, an inactive partner, or a potential partner, please take this quick 3 question survey.  We have schools that desperately need partners. COMPASS hopes you will consider helping us this year and we are happy to show you how you can help. 

Thank you, 

Debra Maggart
Community Outreach Making Partnerships At Sumner Schools

Learn how you or your business, church, or organization can help our schools here. 

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* 1. I am a current COMPASS Partner working with one or more Sumner county schools. 

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* 2. If you are a COMPASS Partner, please tell us the name of your school and your most recent activity and your upcoming plans this fall with your school.

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* 3. COMPASS Partner Contact Information