Edmonton Pride Seniors Group is working to create a housing facility for seniors. In the summer and fall of 2017, a Committee of the Edmonton Pride Seniors Group came together to look at the feasibility of creating housing for the needs and wishes of seniors from the LGBTQ2S community. After looking at different developments and possibilities, the Committee received input from potential residents via survey and several workshops in the late winter and spring of 2018. 

These workshop participants identified guiding principles and developed two housing options. Participants decided that apartment housing, which includes self-contained suites, underground parking, supports, and amenities/community facilities, would be the most appropriate form of accommodation. Most participants preferred either a 1 bedroom plus den or a 2-bedroom unit. Oliver was the most preferred location. The intent is to develop a community where residents can age- in- place, which means ensuring that individuals have access to supports and homecare, as required over time. 

The information gathered in 2018 was used to undertake an initial feasibility study in 2019. The study focused on developing a project in the Oliver Community. Feedback from potential residents though the meetings, workshops and a survey indicated that there is a need for this type of development. The architect designed a couple of options that met the requirements of the committee. The results of the feasibility study indicated that it is possible to create an inclusive mixed-income facility that is welcoming to LGBTQ2S residents and supporters where people can age in place in a supportive environment.

 A housing development committee has been formed. The initial task is to determine the actual demand for this development. This questionnaire intends to:

1.    Identify individuals and households who might be interested in moving into the development

2.    Determine the importance of various seniors housing features

3.    Determine financial considerations/constraints

4.    Determine their anticipated time of moving into such a development.

We are circulating this survey broadly to the LGBTQ2S+ community through various community groups. Please respond to this questionnaire by Friday April 10, 2020.

If you have any questions about this survey or want more information, please contact Lynn Hannley of the Communitas Group which is working with our housing development committee on this project. (phone) 780-482- 5467 or e-mail lhannley@communitas.ca

  Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Question Title

* 1. What size of a unit do you prefer

Question Title

* 2. Various forms of tenancy were reviewed as part of the initial feasibility analysis. The conclusion was that potential residents were not interested in purchasing, rather they were interested in renting. What is the maximum you can pay monthly for a unit (including all related housing costs- water, heat and common power etc.) but not including any additional services (food or housekeeping)

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* 3. To reduce monthly rental costs, would you be interested in sharing accommodation with someone (friend, partner, spouse etc.)

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* 4. Once the housing development committee selects a suitable site, it will take three to four years to develop and construct the project. When would you be interested in moving into the project ? 

Question Title

* 5. Using the scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being not important and 5 being very important, please indicate the level of importance of the following amenities;

  1 2 3 4 5
Home care/Health support services as needed
Common lounge/gathering space
Inclusive facility for LBGTQ2S seniors & their friends/supporters
Private outdoor spaces
Gardening/green spaces
Recreational/exercise space
Outdoor courtyard
 A pet-friendly building (i.e. Small dogs, cats, and birds)
Underground parking
Atrium (Indoors)
A community kitchen & dining room
Theatre (small movie)

Question Title

* 6. Are you interested in being part of the group that works on the development of the project?

Question Title

* 7. If you are not interested in working on the development of the project, are you interested in having your name added to a list of potential residents?

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* 8. If yes to question # 6 or #7, can you please provide your contact information.

Question Title

* 9. Would you like us to email you updates as the project progresses? 

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* 10. If Comfortable, please answer the following demographic questions;

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