General Information

LeadingAge Iowa is seeking presentations that:
  • Are timely, relevant, practical, and actionable.
  • Incorporate engaging, interactive educational methods.
  • Provide concrete takeaways and resources and/or demonstrate measurable outcomes.
LeadingAge Iowa is seeking speakers who:
  • Are qualified in the subject matter.
  • Experienced professionals, experts in their field.
  • Engage the audience and encourage active participation (examples: show-of-hands voting; discuss with neighbor or in small groups; use case studies). Each presentation should provide 2-4 opportunities for attendees to think, to write and/or to share.
  • Understand that attendees are seeking to understand what your research and data mean to them and how it is applicable to their organization.
  • Help attendees uncover what the content means.
  • Create opportunities to discuss how to apply the content (example: "what one idea shared today are you going to try?").
  • Connect to the attendees' emotions.
  • See the attendees as co-creators along with you, not simply as a consumer of your information.
  • Focus on what is in the best interest of the attendees for your session.
Proposals will be considered for a variety of virtual and in-person events including both conferences, workshops, webinars and other education content.

Please Note:
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  • Each presenter is limited to three proposals and each topic submitted must have its own complete application.
  • Please do not complete the form in all-caps or use bullet points in your answers. Your assistance is appreciated.
Please contact Amy Huisman at or 515-440-4630

You will need the following information to complete the CFP:
  • Session title
  • Purpose statement (1 sentence)
  • Summary (less than 100 words)
  • 3 Learning objectives and accompanying content/topics
  • Bibliography (list of sources used in preparing the presentation in APA format)
  • A/V requests
  • Presenter(s) contact information