Two sections of American Popular Music at Bridgewater State University are discussing the music of the last decade. Our textbook stops around 1999. We are looking for your help.

Imagine that it is 10 years from now and you must update the American popular music textbook to include a chapter on the years 2000-2011. What artists/groups do you feel absolutely must be in that chapter?

To help us understand the results, we are also asking for a few other pieces of information.


* 1. Choose one:

* 2. Age

* 3. Where do you live (permanent address)?

* 4. Enter the names of 5 groups/artists active between 2000-2011 that you feel must be included in a future textbook on American popular music. They do not have to be in order of priority.

* 5. (Optional) What criteria did you use to formulate your list?