Survey Goals

Promontory Conservancy staff have received requests from the Board of Directors and involved community members to review some specific landscape design guidelines to see if the community overall would like to keep or change certain items. 
The issues we will be asking about are:
  • Lot Private Areas
  • Turf and Native Grasses
  • Fire Prevention and Approved Plants
  • Exterior/Landscape lighting

This survey will state the current guideline for each topic and ask your opinion on various options.
Private Areas
The current Guidelines define Private areas as:

5.3 Private Area
The Private Area is the part of the building envelope which is screened from view from adjacent Homesites, the streetscape, golf courses, OPen Spaces, and any Common Area, either by site walls or another structure(s). It is within this Private Area that an Owner may create as varied a landscape as he/she desires, provided that only plants from the Approved Plant List (Section 3.17) are implemented. The Owner may only choose plants other than those from the Approved Plant List if the Committee pre-approves them. Drip irrigation systems are allowed within the Private Area. All Private Areas landscape designs must be properly submitted to and pre-approved by the Committee before any landscape is implemented.

Question Title

* 1. With regard to Private Areas on Lots...