Thank you for taking part in the Nevada Gender Equality in the Workplace Survey.

The voluntary survey is offered to Nevada organizations with employees to provide information about gender equality in the workplace. The information provided is public record and will be available on and will also be reported to the Nevada Governor and the Nevada Legislature on an annual basis.

This survey has been developed pursuant to Assembly Bill 423 of the 2017 Session of the Nevada Legislature in cooperation with the Nevada Commission for Women.

Please base your response on current staff figures. We recommend that you have the following on hand when completing the data input:
• Latest company reports
• Employee reports from payroll and/or HR providing total staff numbers and salary bands broken down by gender
• Documents on company employee policies (maternity allowance, etc)
• Company documentation (handbooks, codes of conduct, manuals and guidelines) relating to the employee work-cycle (recruitment and selection, appraisal and performance review, etc)
• Policies on equality, diversity and inclusion issues

If, during completion, you need to return to a previous question or answer, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE BACK BROWSER BUTTON, as this may result in the loss of data. Instead, use the 'PREVIOUS' button.

Thank you for your participation.