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Thank you for considering the Open Call for AJIS Volume 4. African researchers, cultural activists, and practitioners are invited to submit an abstract addressing the quest for inclusion in Africa's diverse spheres'. Below are three clusters to guide your abstract submissions.


1. Services - social welfare, electricity, information, transport, education and health, water, refuse removal.
2. Markets - land, housing, labour, and credit.
3. Spaces - political, social, cultural, and physical markets.

The abstract submission should be 500 words (maximum) and must be submitted on our online form. Contributors must indicate the topic which their paper will address, their affiliation and their data source.

Abstracts are to be submitted by Saturday 01 March 2024, 11:59 PM GMT+2.

Note: Any submissions after this time will not be considered for this volume.
Abstract Submission

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Selected authors will be informed by the 8th of March and will be required to submit their completed article by the 31st of March 2024. Any enquiries about the application process must be directed to SIVIO Institute via the email: info@sivioinstitute.org

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Thank you for submitting your abstract for consideration in the third volume of AJIS. Our team will work to review the abstracts accordingly and selected authors will be contacted by the 23rd of February. Ensure that you click "Done" below to finish the submission.