Welcome to the 2013 Packaging Survey: Glass and Kegs. A summary of the results will be published in the December 2013 issue of Wine Business Monthly. Filling out the survey requires about 10 minutes. Individual responses will not be made public. In order for your response to be counted, please make sure you click on the submit button at the end of the survey.

* Email:

* Company:

* 1. What type of business is your company?

* 2. What is your job function? (check as many as appropriate)

* 3. Please indicate annual case production.


* 4. What is the weight of the glass bottle (750ML) you use MOST?

* 5. If you moved to a lighter-weight glass in the last year, what was the most important reason?

* 6. What percentage of your glass is sourced from:

* 7. What influences your glass choice most? (Choose from most important to least important: 1=not important, 5=very important).

  1-Not Important 2 3 4 5-Very Important
Where it’s made/shipped from (China, U.S., etc.)
Environmental considerations (carbon footprint, recycled material, etc.)
Reputation/reliability of the glass supplier
Availability of specific molds
Quality/consistency of the glass

* 8. How many different styles of glass will your winery use this year?

* 9. When ordering your glass, rank the following bottling line considerations: (1=least important, 5=most important)

  1-Least Important 2 3 4 5-Most Important
Glass tolerances
Label application
Stability of bottles on the line
Change parts on hand
On-time delivery

* 10. Are you using anything other than glass to package your wines?

* 10b. If yes, what?


* 11. Are you using keg packaging for your wine?

* 12. If using kegs, what kind are they? (please check all that apply)

* 13. If you are using kegs, which option below describes your logistics? (please check all that apply)

* 13b. If reusing kegs (two way), are you using a third party to manage return logistics and sanitation or do it yourself?

* 14. If using kegs, who are your customers? (please check all that apply)