Please read carefully before making an application

This is an application for accreditation as an SFI Discover Centre offering STEM workshops to primary school students under the Discover Primary Science and Maths Programme (DPSM) for 2017/2018.

 The deadline for completion is 31 March 2017. Please complete all sections of the application.

By completing this application you are confirming that if your application is successful your centre will:

- Be ready to offer a DPSM approved programme to schools by 1 September 2017
- Send a representative of the centre to the Discover Centre Network meeting on 30 June 2017 (venue to be confirmed)
- Send a representative of the centre to a DPSM induction day if required
- Apply SFI/DPSM branding on all documentation relating to your accredited workshop
- Display SFI/DPSM branding in the centre as required
- Provide each school with a certificate of attendance at a DPSM workshop
- Link your website to the DPSM website
- Ensure that an evaluation is conducted with each school that participates in the workshop
- Retain a file of evaluations and submit a summary and samples in a report to DPSM each year.

Please note
Approved centres will have provisional membership for a period of one year, which will only be renewed subject to satisfactory participation in the network and completion of annual evaluation reports. 

SFI accredits specific workshops available for schools at centres as being suitable for schools participating in the DPSM programme. It is the responsibility of each Centre/school to satisfy itself that child protection, health and safety and other arrangements at a centre meet the school’s policies. 

* 1. I am authorised to make this application on behalf of the organisation named to participate in the SFI Discover Centre’s Network.