1. Knowing your background

The IUCG is a new and open concept we are to carefully clarify together. It can create too high hopes and/or fears: this is not the intent. The intent is only to permit serious, documented, possibly interactive contributions to the Internet process from (some of) the users. They are fully entitled to participate to the IETF but they often do not dare because they lack time, technical language or architectural vision and are afraid by the 5,500 RFCs "to know first".

This survey is to help us discussing the IUCG Charter, method and tools. It will be progressively enhanced in order to best cover the Internet Users' contribution to the IETF issue.

We do thank you for participating.

* 1. Please accept that this survey is just a technical test at the present stage. Feel free to contribute with additional questions and comments.

* 2. How do you consider yourself?

* 3. Are you already a Member of:

* 4. Is English your mother tongue ?