1. How I coped through the I-85 bridge collapse

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* 1. Do you work or live within a 5 - 10 mile radius of the I-85 bridge collapse?

* 2. Prior to the collapse did your commute include travel near or on the I-85 bridge or roadways impacted by the bridge collapse?

* 3. As a result of the I-85 bridge collapse did your commute time increase?

* 4. How much time was added to your commute?

* 5. What changes did your have to make to your schedule to deal with the change in your commute pattern?

* 6. Did you notice a change in the behavior of your friends and colleagues at work?

* 7. Did you notice a change in your behavior at work and home?

* 8. On a scale of 1 (no stress) to 5 (extremely high) how would you rate your stress level during the collapse of the I-85 bridge.

* 9. Are you a parent?

* 10. If you are a parent, how did the change in your work commute impact your ability to move your children to extra curricular activities?

* 11. Are you a business owner within a 5 -10 mile radius of the I-85 bridge collapse?

* 12. If you are business owner was your business greatly impacted?

* 13. As a business owner what level of increase did you experience related to fleet management?

* 14. In relation to fleet management, please list the areas where you experienced the increases.
(If not applicable skip to Question 15)

* 15. Do you believe the region should invest more in alternative transportation modes?

* 16. What modes of Transportation should be the region focused upon:
(Check all that apply)

* 17. Following your experiences during the I-85 bridge collapse, would you be inclined to vote for an increased funding for the expansion of rail transit services in the Metro Atlanta region?

* 18. In one word describe your experience during the I-85 bridge collapse.

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