VCU Libraries is in the process of redesigning its online presence ( We are looking closely at how people use the website and what they say they need from it. Please share your ideas.

* 1. The most recent time you came to the VCU Libraries website, what was your purpose? What did you need to do or find?

* 2. Thinking of your relationship to VCU Libraries and its website, would you describe yourself as:

* 3. In a typical week, how many times do you use the VCU Libraries website?

* 4. If you have a website that you repeatedly use--commercial, educational or library--what is the address and why do you use it? Why do you like it? Please be as specific in your description as possible.

* 5. What one thing could we improve on the VCU Libraries website to make it better for your use? Please be very specific and clear in your answer. Tell us what you need or want to do or find.