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In order to participate in this study you must be 18 years of age or older.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your help is important to our understanding of Nextdoor and ways that it can be improved.

We are the Social Media Research Collaborative, a team of experienced, independent, social science researchers, who are collaborating in a study of social media.  We all have been affiliated with academic institutions and the results of this study may be submitted to and published in one or more academic journals and/or presented at academic conferences.  Summarized results and recommendations may be made to the subject organization, Nextdoor.com

All responses and information that you provide will be kept confidential and numerical results will only be reported on an aggregated basis. Comments may be quoted verbatim but will never be associated with any identifying information provided by the respondent.

Completing the survey should take about fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on your answers to open questions.

You are not required to provide any personal identifying information. This survey is completed anonymously. However, please note that we do ask for specific information about your Nextdoor neighborhood for verification purposes and WITHOUT WHICH YOUR SURVEY RESPONSES WILL NOT BE USED. To obtain this information you will need to log into your Nextdoor neighborhood briefly to view the MAP page.
There is also an opportunity to voluntarily provide some personal data (e.g. gender, education) at the end of the survey as this will be helpful to the study.
We do not ask for personally identifying information or contact information, (unless you wish to receive a copy of the results in which case we ask for an email address).  Any personal information that you provide will be held strictly confidential and will not be supplied to Nextdoor.com nor to any other third party.

Questions with an asterisk (e.g. * 1. Are you currently...") require an answer. However, for every question with an asterisk there is an option to state that you do not wish to answer the question.

Throughout the survey we have placed "Early Exit" buttons which enable you to exit the survey before the end should you wish.

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