Nuboly Questionnaire

Nuboly is a SaaS cloud-based over-the-top (OTT) service that simplifies the production of Interactive Television for service providers in need of a telco-grade solution that enables immediate market engagement. We recognize providers’ specific need to deliver the best TV experience with Nuboly.

This document helps you define input parameters that are needed for your Nuboly project. Filled out document is a mandatory to prepare the proposal for Nuboly.

**This information will not be made available or publicly released. It will be used only for Beenius d.o.o.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Customer type:

* 3. Are you looking for:

* 4. Project type:

* 5. Number of broadband users:

* 6. When do you plan to go Live?

* 7. Nuboly basic functionality is the management of the users, subscribers, content metadata, commercial packages and devices. Select the optional parts you are interested:

* 8. If choosed Live content transcoding, please specify:

* 9. Devices you want to connect to Nuboly:

Acquire new customers and ensure a ubiquitous presence all the time, on every device, and on all types of access networks with NUBOLY.

Thank you for providing us with project details.
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