* 1. Based on what you know about me, Melanie Testa, through my blog and website, my first book, Inspired to Quilt, my DVD Workshop, and my upcoming book, Dreaming from the Journal Page, how likely would you be to take an online workshop hosted by me?

* 2. What type of classes are you interesting in taking? You may choose more than one answer.

* 3. What other class(es) not listed previously would you like to see offered?

* 4. Would you be interested in doing 30 Day Challenges with Melanie? This would be a skill building class where we worked as a group on a specific topic, like Using a Ruling Pen to Draw on Cloth.

* 5. Would you be interested in taking a class with several teachers, teaching on a single topic?

* 6. What do you feel is a fair price to pay for a 4 week long class, consisting of at least 90 minutes of video, 4 blog posts with inspiration and information (including pdf's) related to the topic and the ability to share your artwork with others?

* 7. Would you be interested in taking a Master Class with Melanie Testa? (see next question for further info)

* 8. Understanding that Master Classes will cover a much broader array of information, covering multiple topics outlined in either Inspired to Quilt or Dreaming from the Journal page, what do you feel is a fair price to pay for a class of this nature? Master Classes will take from 8 to 10 weeks and will have a longer duration because more work will be covered and more time will be needed to complete the assignments

* 9. Are you interested in mentorship sessions? This would be a fee based offering where one-on-one, we talk about your goals as an artist, critique work done in the online workshops and devise attainable steps to improve your skills to meet your creative goals

* 10. What is a fair amount to spend on a half hour long mentorship session?

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