The Great Wealth Transfer™: Insights Into Giving While Living

Institute for Preparing Heirs (IPH) asks for a few minutes of your time to participate in our survey. The survey explores what we believe is an under-reported trend—the increase in transfers of family property/assets (“wealth”) made during a person’s lifetime, as opposed to transfers made upon the passing of the wealth holder.

Because we are trying to identify trends, the survey will be ongoing over multiple quarters. Our goal is to gather information on the tendency toward “giving while living.”  We have partnered with North Bridge Advisory Group, LLC to help conduct the survey.

Our purpose is to provide meaningful information to IPH’s membership and the broader financial services community. We will incorporate these insights into the development of programs and tools that help advisors attract, engage, and retain HNW families during a period of historic levels of wealth transfer—what we refer to as The Great Wealth Transfer™—first identified by John J. Havens at the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy in their 1999 landmark study.

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