* 1. List the 3 things that make you most nervous about your child attending college for the first time

* 2. Do you feel it's essential to physically visit the college your child wants to attend?

* 3. How many colleges do you plan to visit? How long do you plan to stay per college? Would you pay for a tour?
(Example: 5 colleges; 3 days; yes, I would pay)

* 4. What are some non-academic factors that would influence the decision between colleges? (Exclude tuition because it's a primary factor)

* 5. What opportunities do you wish your child had access to while picking a university?
(Example: talking to sophomore with his/her major)

* 6. How did your child narrow down the major of his/her choice? Did it make you nervous?

* 7. Do you think it would be helpful for your child to connect with a student of his/her major before attending college?

* 8. When do you think your child should start thinking about which colleges to attend?

* 9. Do you feel like your son/daughter is academically prepared to attend college?

* 10. Do you feel like your son/daughter is emotionally prepared to attend college?