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* 1. Here are some tips that various websites have given for writing a good bio on Twitter. For each tip, please tell me whether you agree or disagree with the advice.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
Fill out your Twitter bio so it reflects the best, most recent version of you.
Use proper grammar and spelling.
Students and graduates should definitely include your career aspiration.
Use word choices that reflect your personality and tone.
Don't leave your bio blank.
Use hashtags for keywords and topics.
Don't copy other bios.
Avoid the phrases "Expert, guru, ninja".
Proclaiming one’s faith is also nice, but using half of your bio to do so could be too much.
Tell people what you do.
Don't include the phrase "I follow back"
Keep it light, make people smile.
Use Twitter handles for organizations and institutions with which you're affiliated.
Avoid filler descriptions that don’t really mean anything.
Students and graduates should definitely include your major and year in school.
Explain why you’re an expert, by including your profession, experience or accolades.
Don’t write something that are not related with you.
Don't waste characters by starting with "I am a ..."
Don’t challenge others like “dare to follow”.
Have fun, but be informative and most of all be HUMAN.
Avoid clichés, jargons or buzzwords.
Abide by the Associated Press Stylebook as much as possible.
Show a little of your personality.
Don't include an inspirational quote.
Never include religion.
Show a side of your personality.
"Define your expertise like journalism".
Don’t be cute.
Never include sexuality.
Don't write something you want to keep private.
Students and graduates should definitely include your leadership roles and past successes, on campus and elsewhere.
Show what you do and a few of the things you like.
Students and graduates should definitely include your college or university.
"Don’t write like a teenager be professional".
Never include politics.
Include "How can I help you ... "
Don't include personal details ("I love ice cream and kittens and hot air balloons and coffee and…") if you don't plan to be tweeting about them.
Make it informative, but not personal.
Add something a little personal, but not something no one should know!
Include your area of expertise.
Be honest.
Use SEO keywords.
Avoid annoying teenage-like slang or typing.
Include a link to your website.
"Don’t mix language use a proper language to attract more followers like English".