NTEN and Schmidt Futures are conducting a research project to illustrate the realities, challenges, and areas of strength for nonprofit staff and teams who are building, customizing, and otherwise supporting technology platforms for their programs and even for other organizations.  

We are eager to surface where there may be trends or commonalities in the sector and where there are divergent experiences. The findings in this survey will inform the creation of additional resources, and the responses will be published as a free public report. At the end of the survey, there will also be an optional opt-in for those who may be willing to work with us on case studies or further interviews about their experience. 

About the Survey
This survey includes 24 questions (your answers may mean some questions are skipped), and we anticipate the survey to take about 10 minutes to complete. The results will be compiled into a report scheduled for release in early 2022.

For the purposes of this survey, please respond to your best ability as a nonprofit staff person. If you are not a staff member of a nonprofit (if you work for a technology company or are a consultant, for example), please do not complete the survey. None of the data you provide in this survey will be shared individually. Instead, all survey results will be reported in aggregate and anonymized. 

Thank You
By way of thank you, each survey respondent will be able to enter a drawing for one full registration to the NTEN professional certificate of their preference.