Section I

* 1. What is your current grade level assignment at Stratford ISD?

* 2. Are students lacking critical skills when they enter your grade level?

* 3. If so, what skills would better prepare them?

* 4. Are there areas assessed by the state testing program where you would like to see an increase in student performance to further close the achievement gap?

* 5. If you responded "yes" to #4, please indicate those areas.

* 6. If you responded "no" to #4, please elaborate.

* 7. Do you feel our students are provided with ample educational opportunities to succeed after high school, i.e. College Readiness Standards?

* 8. What would you consider strengths of students at Stratford ISD? When reflecting on the students enrolled in Stratford ISD, please consider the following factors: attendance rates, STAAR, TELPAS, NWEA, class size, discipline, etc...

* 9. What would you consider to be the needs of students at Stratford ISD?