Welcome to the Nokiiwin Tribal Council Economic Leakage Study

This survey is being conducted by MNP LLP (“MNP”) on behalf of Nokiiwin Tribal Council (NTC) as part of an Economic Leakage Study. The goal of this study is to identify and quantify economic opportunities by understanding spending outside community boundaries. This data will be used to inform future local and regional economic development decisions and provide quantified baselines from which to measure the impact of future initiatives.
As part of the study, MNP is collecting data from businesses of NTC. Data collected from business owners will be used to estimate the amount of economic activity generated from business associated with the community, the amount of expenditure by businesses that occurs outside the community, and identify opportunities to grow the economy of the community.
The survey should take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is voluntary and all information collected will be treated as confidential. No individual responses will be reported.
In order to prepare for the survey, we encourage you to gather your expenditure and revenue statements, as well as staffing information. While completing the survey,  we ask that you answer the questions based on a typical year of operation. If you do not have the exact numbers available, please provide your best estimate. 
The survey will be live until end of day May 27, 2022.

MNP is acting as an independent third party in this study and is collecting data on behalf of the Nokiiwin Tribal Council.  All information provided to MNP, including completed surveys, will only be used by MNP for the purpose of this study. The results will be reported collectively and in aggregate, without the identification of individual respondents. 

MNP is committed to maintaining the security, confidentiality and accuracy of the personal information we collect to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our privacy policy adheres to both the guidelines and principals underlying the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, as well as our own commitment to ensuring that clients are comfortable providing us with personal information. The MNP Privacy Policy can be viewed at mnp.ca.

By completing this survey you are consenting to the collection of personal information by MNP as described.