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* 1. Have you ever recieved a free product sample?

* 2. Have you ever completed a free trial offer on any type of product?

* 3. Would you like to recieve free product samples?

* 4. Would you consider doing a trial offer on a product if:
Check all that apply

* 5. The products that I would be most interested in are:
Check all that apply
List your suggestion

* 6. What type of product or service would you like to be available as a free sample or free trial?
List as many as you like

* 7. If you were pleased with a product sample or free trial, would you be willing to refer others to try it?

* 8. Would you like to learn how to create a survey simular to this one absolutely free?

* 9. Would you like to learn about other services that that can be recieved free?

* 10. Please list a survey topic that you would would like to reccomend.
Any topic welcome