* 1. Do you or have you participated in a conservation program made available in the 2008 Farm Bill?

* 2. Rank the applicable commodities in priority order for your farming operation with #1 being highest priority.

* 3. Rank the applicable conservation programs with the greatest importance to your farming operation with #1 being the greatest importance.

* 4. Should more funds be made available through the Farm Bill to design projects and plans for a farm conservation system even if it means diverting funds from conservation program payments?

* 5. Would you support a streamlining of the Farm Bill Conservation Title by combining available programs in order to simplify the signup process (i.e. projects for easements, cost share, etc.)?

* 6. Do you believe CRP acreage should:

* 7. Considering current commodity prices, do you support a policy that would allow for early termination of CRP contracts without penalty?