High Quality Fins at great prices

Our latest fins made of hexcore technology are designed for surfers that expect great performance at very competitive prices. By buying 3 or more sets you get tremendous discount at factory prices. If you are a surf school or a shaper or even an intense surf lover you can benefit from our products.
Even better, include your own logo design. You can personalize the logo printing on the fins with your name, your company name or any icon and drawing sketch that you can imagine. You can also use our database of free icons to create your personal touch on your fins.
The fin sets can be purchased online and our sales representative will send you a purchase confirmation. We offer a 1 month return warranty if the fin has any damage during this time.

We do thrusters, quad, single fins, and twins. FCS, FUTURES and US BOX.
Materials can be all glass, honeycomb, half carbon fiber, carbon fiber, bamboo.
Colors: clear/smoke/red/blue/yellow...
Get a discount of 30% from market price for the purchase of 3 or more fins.

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