This questionnaire has been created to collect and analyse the usage and trends of the vastly growing social networking community. Questions answered on this questionnaire will be handled with strict confidence and anonymity.

* 1. What is your age demographic?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Do you use any social networking sites?

* 4. If YES, Please write down up to 3 social networking sites that you primarily use.

* 5. If NO, Please give reasons as to why you do not use social networking sites and would you ever consider using one in the future.

* 6. How often do you go on said social networking sites?

* 7. Write a brief description of what you mainly use your preferred social networking for.

* 8. Do you use social networking in any professional capacity (for a job, advertising etc.)?

* 9. How do you access your social networks and/or the general internet?