Asking the real questions about RPZ

There has been no full survey done of the whole of Bristol and its surrounding areas with regards to RPZ. Feelings are running very high on this issue and it is the one most often in the news.
The intention of this survey is to reach the entire ‘Greater Bristol’ area to establish once and for all the true feelings about these schemes

* 1. Do you agree with the blanket introduction of Residential Parking Zones across Bristol?

* 2. Do you think the Mayor and Bristol City Council have listened to the concerns of residents and businesses over RPZ?

* 3. Do you think an efficient cheap and reliable public transport system should be in place before RPZ’s are introduced?

* 4. Do you think these schemes will discourage people from travelling to work in Bristol?

* 5. Do you think these schemes will cause businesses to close?

* 6. Do you live in Bristol, Work in Bristol or Visit Bristol?

* 7. Should the residents of the affected areas be forced to pay for the RPZ?

* 8. Would you support raising funds for a judicial review into the RPZ programme?

* 9. Would you support the cancellation of all planned RPZ's and the reversal of those already in place?

* 10. Please use this box to add any further comments

* 11. Against RPZ ? Help us get the Council to have a full debate by joining the petition on Bristol City Council website. Go to :

Or Google: ' Bristol City Council Petition: The cancellation of all planned RPZ's and reversal of those already in place'