Selected Philosophy of Technology Posts

I'll be publishing a book of selected op-eds and blog posts.  I'd like to hear readers' opinions about which to include.  Below are some of my posts on technology.  Click here to rate my posts on moral psychology.  Future polls will cover posts on other themes such as consciousness, culture, cosmology, and meta-philosophy.

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Skepticism, Godzilla, and the Artificial Computerized Many-Branching You
Under What Conditions Would You Upload into a Simulated World?
We Have Greater Moral Obligations to Robots Than to Humans
Possible Cognitive and Cultural Effects of Video Lifelogging
My Daughter's Rented Eyes
If You/I/We Live in a Sim, It Might Well Be a Short-Lived One
Our Possible Imminent Divinity
How to Accidentally Become a Zombie Robot
Flying Free of the Deathbed, with Technological Help
In 25 Years, Your Employer Will Directly Control Your Moods
Will Your Driverless Car Kill You So Others May Live?
Cheerfully Suicidal A.I. Slaves
Cute A.I. and the ASIMO Problem
How Weird Minds Might Destabilize Human Ethics
Our Moral Duties to Monsters
How to Build an Immaterial Computer
Our Moral Duties to Artificial Intelligences

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