1. Background Information

* 1. So that we know which businesses did or did not respond to the survey, please provide your name and the name and address of your business. (All of your answers will be confidential and used for tabulation purposes only.)

* 2. What type of business is your company?

* 3. How long has your business been at its current location?

* 4. How long has your business been in existence?

* 5. Have you (or the current owner) always owned this business?

* 6. What are some of the factors that led you to open a business in Zelienople or Harmony?

* 7. Do you own or rent your property?

* 8. About how many square feet of space does your business occupy?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the present location of this business?

* 10. How many full-time employees, counting yourself, do you have?

* 11. How many part-time employees do you have?

* 12. In terms of employees, is this more, the same, or less than 2 years ago? (N/A = Not in business 2 years ago.)

  More Same Less N/A

* 13. About what percentage of employees at this business live in Zelienople and/or Harmony?

* 14. Where do you live?

* 15. What are your hours of operation for this business?

* 16. What are your busiest and slowest days? Rank from 1 (busiest) to 7 (slowest).

  1 (Busiest) 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Slowest) N/A