The Inspiring Educator Award is given to an MNPS teacher or teacher team using or wanting to develop innovative practices to inspire students of all backgrounds to fall in love with learning while striving to achieve academic success. Applicants must employ out-of-the-box leadership to deeply engage colleagues and families to create life-long learners. These are practices that can be replicated in throughout our community. The award provides two $5,000 grants to support, scale or seed innovative practices to other educational spaces in Nashville. This is the inaugural year for the Inspiring Educator Award.

* 1. Name of applicant (i.e. teacher name or name of teaching team)

* 2. Person completing this information

* 3. Primary contact (if different from person completing this information)

* 4. Please provide an overview of the program/initiative you have developed. In detail, explain what was the need and/or gap, who this effort served and how your effort was a solution?

* 5. If you were to be awarded this grant, how would you use these funds to support, scale or expand your efforts?