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Knucwentwecw Society promotes connectivity to family, community and culture. We strive to provide services in a supportive manner. We believe that by working together we can be a part of ensuring that children are protected, cherished and nurtured to reach their full potential.

This survey is one step in working together to develop a handbook that will reflect the knowledge, practices, resources, and activities that must be available to all children and youth from our member communities, according to the elders and cultural knowledge keepers.

We need your help to lay down traditional Secwepemc laws for all caregivers of Northern Secwepemc children in care. What must be done to sustain or develop a cultural connection for Northern Secwepemc children?



* 1. What makes a Secwepemc family healthy?

* 2. Have you ever been in care? Did you keep a connection to culture during this time? Did it help? If you did not have a connection to culture during this time, was it harmful?

* 3. What actions can we take to support the right of Northern Secwepemc children and youth in care to receive guidance and encouragement to maintain, or develop, their connection to Secwepemc culture?

* 4. Which traditional Secwepemc values are the most important to pass on to Secwepemc children?


* 5. Where do you go in your community for cultural support?

* 6. What is your own cultural care practice when you are away from home and family? What Secwepemc traditions and practices (prayers, ceremonies, ways of thinking, contact with community) can Secwepemc children do anywhere?

* 7. How do we share Secwepemc teachings with children who live outside, or have never lived in, Secwepemc territory?

* 8. What are your favourite public places (museums, parks, attractions) that offer teachings about Secwepemc culture?

* 9. Why is it important for Secwepemc children and youth to learn Secwepemctsin?

* 10. If you wanted to show a child from your community the most important places in your territory, where would you take them?

* 11. If you could make a rule that all guardians of Northern Secwepemc children in care would have to follow, what would it be?


* 12. Does your community have an online presence that offers up-to-date community information? Website? Facebook? Please provide links, if possible.

* 13. Do you know of any print resources (books, community documents) that are good tools for Northern Secwepemc children and youth to learn Secwepemc culture? 

* 14. What classroom activities are best to teach Secwepemc tradition and values?

* 15. Do you send up-to-date community information directly to all children in care from your community? If so, what do you send?

* 16. What are the best Secwepemctsin language resources available?

* 17. Which events, programs, and other cultural learning opportunities in your community are accessible to all Northern Secwepemc children, both on and off-reserve?


* 18. I want to be part of the development of a handbook that will support connection to Secwepemc culture for Northern Secwepemc children in care. Contact me and I will:

* 19. I am a(n):

* 20. My preferred method of contact is:


* 21. Please provide contact details for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate of your choice.

* 22. The feedback of the Northern Secwepemc people will form the content of the handbook. Please click below if you are happy to be recognized for your contribution.