Application Instructions

This application is for those who are interested in a FREE Relationship Mapping session with Jenny Morrow and/or Bryce Bauer.

This application is not a contract and does not oblige Yourself, Jenny, Bryce, or any of their team members, to enter into any kind of a service, unless agreed upon by both parties.

After we have received your application, we will contact you within 1-2 business days.

If you want to participate in the Relationship Mapping Session as a couple, please have each person fill out a separate application.

Our team will never share the information provided on this application with anyone unless you have given written consent. Your privacy is of great importance to our team.

Deeply satisfying relationships are reported to be the greatest indicator of a fulfilling life. And according to the Harvard/Grant study investing in your closest relationships is the best choice you can make for long-term happiness.

In this Relationship Mapping Session we will help you:

- Identify your Relationship Strengths and Weaknesses...
- Create a vision for your Ideal Relationship Life, and determine what is standing in the way...
- Design a plan of action for turning your relationship struggles into relationship success!

Not every candidate is accepted for a FREE Relationship Mapping Session. However, here are the candidates Jenny and Bryce are looking to work with:

- The right candidates are ready to be fully honest about what they want and what has stood in the way of reaching their goals.
- The right candidates are ready to do the work of having great relationships.
- The right candidates are coachable and willing to try new things.
- The right candidates are willing to invest time and resources into having great relationships.

Here's to creating the most intimate, loving and powerful relationships on the planet!

Jenny and Bryce