Your Input is Highly Valuable!

This survey is funded by a federal grant that is intended to help authorizers strengthen their charter school authorizing and oversight practices.

Dear California charter authorizing staff member:

Thank you for providing information on charter school authorizing in your school district or county office of education (COE) and what kind of supports might help you. This survey is intended to help the California Charter Authorizing Professionals (CCAP) design programs and services for you.

CCAP is a non-profit membership association of school districts and COEs, established to help them fulfill their charter school authorizing responsibilities with high quality. In addition to responding to this survey, if your district or COE is not already a member of CCAP, we encourage you to join other authorizers across California as we work together to strengthen charter authorizing and oversight (

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes. We are grateful to you for sharing of your valuable time and insights. Survey data used in public documents will not attribute answers to specific authorizers, and external documents will report all results anonymously. We'd also be grateful if you could share this survey with other authorizing staff you know. (More completed surveys = more drawings!)

If you have any questions, please contact Kimberly Waite-Cooper at kimberly.waitecooper@calauthorizers or call 916-244-3520.

Thank you!