Community Conversation Online Participation

Thank you for providing your input electronically about health and well-being in the North Shore. This survey attempts to replicate the Community Conversation that was held on July 26, 2018 at the Audubon Nature Center. At that event, participants viewed the information on posters, as seen below.

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In the following sections, you will be able to provide feedback in SIX general areas. These areas were chosen based on our Community Health Assessment (found online at You may provide feedback on any or all areas, but we requested at least three suggestions from our in-person participants, which was given via post-it notes. 

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Each of the six general areas will present you with the CURRENT state in the North Shore, including information from each of the following sources:

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You will then be asked to provide any suggestions in the following categories:

1. IDEAS FOR ACTION: Share your ideas for how to improve 
(for example: offer strength training class for seniors)

: Share your ideas for who might be able to help 
(for example: Recreation Departments)

: How do you envision the North Shore after addressing this area? 
(for example: 50% reduction in STD rates)

You may skip any areas or categories that you don't have suggestions for.

The areas are:
1. Improve Reproductive and Sexual Health
2. Prevent and Manage Chronic Disease
3. Prevent Common Causes of Injuries
4. Improve Mental Health and Emotional Well Being
5. Promote Substance-Free and Reduced Alcohol Living
6. Prevent and Minimize Environmental Health Hazards