Please use the following scale:
Exceeds Expectations - During the past year, the superintendent's performance exceeded what might reasonably be expected as superintendent.
Meets Expectations - During the past  year, the superintendent performed in a consistent and effective manner.
Needs Improvement - During the past year, the superintendent performed with difficulty or in an inconsistent manner. The skills are emerging, but do not meet expectations.
Unsatisfactory - During the past year, the superintendent did not meet expectations and significant improvement is needed.

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* 1. Please provide information to assist the School Board as they evaluate the Superintendent by responding to the following statements about our Superintendent.

  Unsatisfactory Needs Improvement Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations N/A
1. Is receptive to and encourages new ideas and strategies.
2. Is visible to the community.
3. Is accessible to community.
4. Builds and maintains appropriate relations with community organizations, booster organizations, business community and advocacy groups.
5. Has provided the community with timely information regarding district programs and activities.
6. Works to maintain public respect for the district and is active in the community.
7. Uses news and social media effectively for the good of the district's image.
8. Is receptive to and gives attention to problems and opinions of all groups and individuals.
9. Assures that the district facilities are well maintained and utilized, their appearance exceptional and at all times functional.
10. Attends district activities.
11. Is suitably attired and well groomed.
12. Writes clearly and concisely.
13. Speaks well and effectively before groups of all sizes.

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