Message to Prospective Reviewers

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Note: The survey includes 13 questions and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

The National Science Foundation’s Hydrologic Sciences program is a disciplinary program within the Division of Earth Sciences. Hydrologic science has a distinct focus on continental water processes at all scales, and the program supports research with a primary focus on these processes. 

The NSF relies on the judgment of reviewers in evaluating proposals. Ad hoc reviewers and panelists are selected primarily on the basis of discipline and specialty. Reviewers are also selected to represent various types of institutions and organizations, geographical areas, and populations.

Ad hoc reviewers provide written reviews of individual proposals. Panelists participate in virtual or in-person meetings (held in the Washington, D.C., area) for two to three days to read and discuss proposals and write reviews. 

The Hydrologic Sciences program seeks to maintain a pool of potential reviewers. Persons who complete the Reviewer Background Information form may not be invited to review immediately, but this information is retained for future reference in selecting reviewers. 

The information requested on the Reviewer Background Information form is pursuant to the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, as amended. Disclosure of all information is entirely voluntary. The purpose of this background information is to assist in the identification of prospective reviewers and panelists to review proposals. Other NSF programs requesting names of potential reviewers or specialists in particular fields may also be given information from this form. Except for these purposes, this information will not be disclosed except as part of statistical reports or in a form that would not allow identification of individuals. 

NSF Form 428A (03/2008), OMB No. 3145-0058, Expires October 31, 2025
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