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* 8. What grade levels do you currently teach or supervise the teaching of?

* 9. What grade levels have you taught or supervised the teaching of?

* 10. Are you able to participate in a Language & STEM workshop on any of the following dates and times? (Check all that you could attend.)

* 11. What types of language variation both within English and across languages have you noticed in your school and classrooms? For ideas, see: http://charityhudleymallinson.com/resources/

* 12. Tell us a bit about the kinds of professional development you've attended in the past few years.
What have you liked about professional development?
What have you not liked about professional development?

* 13. If possible, please provide at least one example of a text or assignment that a student with language differences may struggle with.

* 14. What topics would you like to see covered in future “Language Variation in the Classroom” workshops?

* 15. What challenges concerning language variation do your students face?

* 16. What would most help your students face their language variation challenges?

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