NSBA Health Insurance Consortium

Both small and large law firms face challenges in relation to the availability of health insurance options as well as the rising costs of these options. The Nebraska State Bar Association is working to offer a health insurance option for its members by establishing the NSBA Health Insurance Consortium.   In simple terms, the Consortium will consist of multiple employers, with NSBA membership, working together to obtain affordable health insurance coverage on terms similar to those available only to large employers.  The Consortium allows member employers to negotiate and to manage the coverage as a single entity. 
If you are interested in the NSBA being able to present you with a group health insurance option, please reply to this survey by February 28, 2018. Completing the survey does not obligate you to join the Consortium or purchase insurance. If you are NOT interested in potentially obtaining insurance, please do NOT participate in the survey. We would request that your firm/organization only submit one response on behalf of your firm/organization.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Total number of employees (number of people currently receiving a W-2 from your firm or organization):

* 3. If you are a solo practitioner without employees, we are exploring how to include you under current and/or proposed Department of Labor regulations. Once the proposed regulations are finalized, we will have a better basis for determining how the Consortium will proceed. If you are a true solo practitioner without any employees, please indicate that here:

* 4. Does your firm/organization currently offer health insurance to your employees?