1. Welcome to the Accessibility Audit Tool

This tool is designed to spark ideas and awareness around the multiple factors that go into creating accessible and high-quality experiences for persons with disabilities. 

It will walk you through 6 Pillars of Accessibility. For each pillar, you will be asked to reflect on a series of statements that will help assess your organization's current strengths and gaps related to accessibility. In your application, you will be asked to link your proposed projects to the gaps addressed here, so we encourage you to answer as accurately as possible. 

For each section, use the sliding scales (0-100) to note where your organization currently falls. To score your organization a 0 means that you might not have addressed the particular area at all, while to score 100 means you've fully addressed and considered this area. For more information about how this information will be used, please watch our Application video or refer to the Grant webpage. 
8% of survey complete.