Can we have your views on plans to turn off street lights at night?

You may be aware that Essex County Council, along with others around the country, is moving to a system of part night lighting of our streets rather than the current all night lighting.

This is likely to mean that, should your road not meet any of the exception criteria, the street lights will be turned off between midnight and 5am.

You can find more details on the policy at It lists the exception criteria as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

The move is designed to save the council money as well as to reduce its carbon footprint.

Work is currently underway to adapt streetlights so that they can be controlled remotely from a new central management system. This will enable the council to switch off some lights while leaving others on in areas that it deems essential. (If you look up at the lighting in your street you may notice the new white telecell devices that are currently being installed on the top of each light.)

Some residents have asked whether, for example, in a particularly dark street where there are no pavements, it would be possible to leave a number of lights on while others are turned off. The council has indicated to us that this is not an option.

Once this is complete county-wide, Essex County Council will begin consulting with relevant authorities in each district about implementation.

We are awaiting confirmation of a timescale for the consultation with Epping Forest District Council and Loughton Town Council, although it is believed to be imminent.

So that we are prepared and in a position to raise any concerns from residents with local councillors. The Hills Amenity Society would be grateful for your views.

To complete the questionnaire click 'next'. Alternatively you can download the questionnaire at to complete by hand and return to 53 York Hill, Loughton IG10 1HZ by Friday 23rd August or email to

Many thanks
The Hills Amenity Society Committee