Adopting and implementing digital technologies in the oil and gas industry

Please let us know your thoughts! This short survey should take around 5 minutes to complete...

* 1. What are the top three challenges facing your business today?

* 2. What are the top three challenges in your role?

* 3. Is your organization readily adopting digital technology for the design, delivery and operation of assets?

* 4. Which best describes your organization’s current level of digitalization?

* 5. Does your organization understand the benefits of digital technology?

* 6. Does your organization have a clearly defined strategy/roadmap for the implementation of digital technologies?

* 7. Is your organization working with external partners to manage the people and process issues associated with adopting new technologies? (may include technology partners providing professional consulting services, change management experts, management consultants and other advisers)

* 8. Which of these technologies is your organization likely to invest in over the next five years?

  Not at all likely Somewhat likely Moderately likely Very likely Extremely likely Not sure
Cloud Computing
Big Data / Advanced Analytics (incl. predictive maintenance, biometric wearable technologies)
Extended Reality (AR / VR)

* 9. What is your organization’s single largest challenge when it comes to embracing digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data / advanced analytics, extended reality and mobility?

* 10. What is the biggest benefit that digital technology will bring to your project or asset in the next 3-5 years?