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After the success of this year's Mixed Tape Film Series, we're looking for ways to ensure that next year's Volume 2 series will be even bigger. Fill out this survey and you'll not only help guarantee we select the offbeat classic films that you want to see, but you'll also enter yourself into a drawing to win four (4) free movie tickets.

-Joe Scott

* 1. To enter the drawing for the free movie tickets, enter your personal information here. All information is confidential, and we promise never to compromise your privacy by sharing e-mail and contact information with any third parties. If you don't want to share your information, that's fine, too.

* 2. Of the nine films we've played this year, which titles did you enjoy the best? You can pick m

* 3. Of the films we played, were there any that you personally hated?

* 4. Should we play any of this year's titles again "by popular demand"?

* 5. Are there any particular genres of film we should focus on for next year's film series?

* 6. Who are some of your favorite directors?

* 7. Of the movies considered/requested for next year's Mixed Tape Film Series, which ones would you like to see on the big screen.

* 8. Was there anything non-film related about this year's film series that we should change for next year?

* 9. Would you be interested in purchasing a discounted season ticket in advance that will insure you have a ticket for all of Vol. 2's screenings?

* 10. Why do you think no one bought a Mixed Tape Film Series t-shirt?