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1. NRPM Name Change Feedback

November has been officially recognized as National Runaway Prevention Month (NRPM) since 2001 following a White House Conference on Exploited and Runaway Children. Since then, the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) has worked with hundreds of national, state, and local partners to grow this national public awareness campaign focused on shining a light on the experiences of youth who have run away and experienced homelessness that too often remain invisible or overlooked. The community serving and supporting youth experiencing homelessness has changed significantly since 2001. Our knowledge and understanding of young people’s experiences and their needs have changed and adapted. And we recognize how important it is to include young people with lived expertise in shaping and adapting this work to today’s needs.

As part of this process, NRS is planning to rebrand NRPM, including a new name. We are pursuing a name that reflects these changes over the last 23 years including focusing more broadly on youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and a broader spectrum of crises. It is essential that this new name resonates with an expansive and inclusive network of stakeholders – our federal partners, organizational allies, political leaders, the broader community, and most importantly, young people themselves. Your insights and experiences serving and supporting young people are crucial to guiding this decision.

Shared below are our two final proposed names. Now, we need your help in choosing. This survey should only take 1-2 minutes tops to complete. Your opinion is vital as we navigate this change, and we would appreciate you sharing which name you feel best reflects the collective work we do to shine a light on the experiences of vulnerable young people.

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* 1. Which name do you feel best reflects our focus and work?

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* 2. Please select the option that best represents your role and/or experience in this work.

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* 3. Please provide any suggestions or other thoughts below:

Thank you for your invaluable input!
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