Assessing student learning across the semester: from objectives to exams (Monday 5 November)

In this workshop, participants will take the fresh course teaching/ learning experiences they developed in workshop 1 and begin to design (or redesign) a course which incorporates them. Participants will learn how to write precise, clear learning objectives and outcomes for a course using Bloom's taxonomy, and how to use these objectives to scaffold student learning process from simple to more complex, synthetic learning objectives. Finally, participants will learn about a wide variety of student assessment methods, and how each method can be used to focus in on particular types of course learning objectives. Participants will write a first draft of such objectives using a course they have already taught, or plan to teach. They will then learn how to choose from among the teaching/ learning experiences discussed and developed in workshop 1, and begin to embed these activities within the learning objective course structure they have designed, and design one alternative assessment method for their course.

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