Welcome and thank you for taking the PG Student Survey.

As you respond to each item, focus on your thoughts and feelings based on  YOUR OWN personal experiences as a PG student.

There are no right or wrong answers - we just want to know how you feel.  Your responses will provide us with information to help make our school even better.

All of your responses are completely anonymous. Your answers will be combined with those of other students. No one will be told how you answered. DO NOT put your name on the survey. If you would like to talk about the survey or your experiences at Pleasant Grove, in person, please see Lisa in the office to make an appointment with the person you would like to speak to. 

This survey is voluntary, but we hope you will answer as many questions as you can. 

* 1. What grade are you in?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Enforcement of CLASSROOM rules are consistent and fair.

* 4. Enforcement of SCHOOL RULES are consistent and fair.

* 5. How many extra-curricular activities are you involved in?

* 6. I feel I can talk to _____________ adults at school.

* 7. I look forward to school rallies and dances.

* 8. I look forward to after school activities.

* 9. I feel Pleasant Grove is a safe place.

* 10. I have the following amount of homework on most nights.

* 11. In which class do you struggle most?

* 12. Do you find the school-wide binder system useful?

* 13. How much do you agree with the following statement? Most teachers at Pleasant Grove believe that I have the ability to college.