Community Interest Survey

This survey regards a program for which participation is voluntary. The idea for the program was developed by a private citizen and would run with strong aid and volunteer efforts from community members.

* 1. Would you be interested in having your compostable wastes (fruits, vegetables, breads, coffee grounds, paper towel etc.) picked up weekly?

* 2. How much would you be willing to pay for this service?

* 3. Would you rather drop your organics off at the DPW (Department of Public Works off Maplewood Ave) or would you rather have pick-up at your door (for the monthly rate)?

* 4. What volume of organics would you produce weekly (on average)?

* 5. Would you want a year-round pick-up service or would you only need pick-up for one or two seasons during the year?

* 6. Would you be using curbside pick-up for business purposes (restaurant/café/supermarket) or residential purposes?

* 7. If you are a business or are producing more than 5-gallons/week would you be willing to pay a greater rate for the service?

* 8. Would you be interested in volunteering your time to the development and success of this program?