* 1. Do you, or someone you know use the MBTA? (subway, commuter rail, buses, ferry, etc)

This year, the MBTA fell short of it's budget by $169 million. Two scenarios are being proposed to make ends meet. Both scenarios will increase fares and cut services.

* 2. Before reading the above text, were you aware of the MBTA's budget shortfall and the two proposed scenarios?

Depending on the scenario, overall fares could increase as much as 43 percent.

* 3. If you answered yes to Question 1, how much of an economic impact do you think the fare increases will have on you and/or the ones you know who use the MBTA?

* 4. Do you know a student, elderly person, or disabled person who uses the MBTA?

Some people do not support either of the scenarios being offered, and would like to close the budget shortfall some other way. The state has given the MBTA a $1.8 billion Big Dig debt to pay off. Some people are suggesting that this debt should be given back to the state instead of raising fares and cutting services.

* 5. Do you think giving the Big Dig debt back to the State is a better idea than raising fares and cutting services?

Another solution is to use this years excess snow funds. This would alleviate the debt, and thus less fare increases and service cuts would have to be made.

* 6. Do you think using the excess snow funds to alleviate the MBTA budget is a good idea?