Section 1: Introduction

Thank you for visiting this page and taking some time to give us your input on how to spend millions of federal dollars in Milwaukee County!
Milwaukee County municipalities receive millions in community development grant funds each year from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to improve the lives of low- and moderate income residents in our communities.   
You are being invited to join us in deciding how to spend these resources over the next five years.  The questions ask you to tell us what you think are the greatest unmet needs within your community.  
  •  How is the housing in your neighborhood?
  • Are there houses or apartments that need some fixing up? 
  • Are there senior citizens who want to stay in their home but they need a new furnace?
  • How are the sidewalks?  Are they broken and unsafe? 
  • Do you need curb cuts to make it easy for a disabled person to get around? 
  • Are the streets dark and unsafe?
  • Is there a park close by?  Can kids walk there to play? 
  • Are there programs for kids to go to after school or in the summer?
  • Is there a program to help someone find a job or get more training for a job?  
  • Are there programs for aging parents or grandparents who need somewhere to go to socialize or have a meal?
  • Have you been discriminated against when you tried to rent or buy a home?  
We are asking for about 15-20 minutes of your time to answer some of these questions and tell us what you think is needed to improve your community, your neighborhood, or even your life. 
If you want to leave the survey at any time, just click "Exit this survey" (top right of page), your responses will be saved and you can return to complete it later.

Thanks again for giving us your input.  You can find out the results of this survey and more about Milwaukee County's ongoing efforts to use HUD resources at the NEW Milwaukee County CDBG/HOME website:

At the end of this survey, there is information on an additional Fair Housing Survey being done in conjunction with the County's 5-Year Consolidated Plan.  Please take a few extra minutes to visit this survey and provide your input.  
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