Purpose and Signature

First, please be sure you have read the online training documents listed below that provide information specifically identified for staff working in NRC Learning Center classrooms.These are to be completed in addition to the Mandated Training required for all NRC staff. If you have any questions about the content of these additional training documents, please see your Program Coordinator, and then complete the signature process below.
I have read/viewed and understand the following training modules:

  1. Bloodbourne Pathogens
  2. Epi-Pen Use 
  3. Basic Health Concerns for NRC Learning Center Classrooms

* 1. Identify the NRC Learning Center classroom(s) in which you work/teach.

* 2. I read the training documents listed above and understand my responsibilities related to these procedures.

* 3. Please sign this verification by typing your FULL NAME and your NRC email.

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